Tailoring content and marketing for global reach: Our strategy at Rydoo

Content for diverse markets
Product Marketing
Content Strategy

In today's global SaaS market, a tailored approach to content strategy and product marketing is crucial. Our collaboration with Rydoo, a leading expense management solution, focused on these key areas, adapting to various international markets and enhancing product communication.

Crafting a content strategy for diverse markets

Our first task was to develop a content strategy that resonated across multiple regions, including DACH, UK, BENELUX, Spain, and LATAM. The goal was organic lead generation through content that appealed to each unique market. This approach was about understanding cultural nuances and tailoring our message to fit different audiences.

Revamping product marketing for impact

Alongside content strategy, we dove into product marketing for Rydoo. This included a comprehensive communications plan for feature launches like their Insights module, developing a product-led web navigation, and revamping the pricing page. Each of these elements was designed to enhance user engagement and improve feature adoption.

Need a launch strategy that resonates?

In the competitive world of SaaS, launching a new feature or product isn't just about development; it's about the right communication and marketing strategy. Our work with Rydoo shows the importance of a well-crafted launch plan.

Is your feature underutilized?

If you're experiencing challenges with feature adoption or need a more effective launch strategy, we're here to assist. Reach out to us and let's discuss how we can help you launch your features the right way for maximum impact and user engagement.

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