Enhancing the tapping experience: our collaboration with Dripl

Reducing time-to-value by 70%
Project lead by our own Jonas De Schaut, video by Steije Hillewaert
Product Marketing
Activation Campaigns

In the world of SaaS and innovative product design, user experience can make or break success. This was our focus in our collaboration with Dripl, creators of a groundbreaking drinks machine designed for both health and environmental sustainability.

Reimagining the vending machine experience

Dripl approached us with a challenge: to redesign their Standup drinks machine. Our goal? To create a more engaging, efficient user experience. The result was a remarkable 70% reduction in time to value. This not only improved user interactions but also highlighted the importance of thoughtful design in product usability. Our designs where implemented by DashDot, Dripl's engineering partner.

From a single project to a comprehensive partnership

What started as a single project blossomed into a full-scale design partnership. We extended our expertise beyond the Standup machine, embracing both online and offline design needs. This included crafting compelling social media content, event booths, posters, flyers, and more.

“It feels as if they’re working in-house at Dripl. Their proximity, availability and kindness makes them a great partner to work with.”
Colin Deblonde
Co-Founder & CEO

Driving product marketing with design

Our collaboration also ventured into the realm of product marketing. We helped Dripl create captivating videos to effectively showcase their products on social platforms. This multidimensional approach ensured that Dripl's unique value proposition was communicated clearly and attractively.

Streamlining user interactions for better outcomes

Our work with Dripl underscores the significance of user-centric design in product development. Whether it's a physical product like a vending machine or a digital interface, the ease and intuitiveness of user interactions are paramount.

Ready to transform your user experience?

Are your users tired of endless clicks without getting somewhere? Our expertise in creating streamlined, efficient user experiences can be the solution you need. Contact us to learn how we can enhance your product's user experience and marketing effectiveness.

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