Elevating design in data science: Our journey with DataCamp

Designed 75+ features
Design System

In the ever-evolving landscape of SaaS, intuitive user experiences and streamlined design operations are critical. This principle guided our intensive collaboration with DataCamp, the global leader in data science learning, as we embarked on designing innovative products for their platform.

Leading the UX/UI design for Workspace

DataCamp's project Workspace, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) tailored for data scientists and analysts, presented a unique challenge. Our founder took the helm of UX/UI design, crafting more than 75 features across 3000 screens. This endeavor was not just about aesthetic appeal; it was about creating an intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly environment for complex data analysis.

Pioneering the Certification product design

In addition to Workspace, we played a pivotal role in the initial design phase of DataCamp's Certification product. This process involved understanding the nuanced needs of data science professionals and translating them into a seamless digital experience.

“I highly recommend working with Accelerate as they can really bring the design capabilities of any product team to the next level.”
Filip Schouwenaars
VP Engineering & Workspace

Building a robust Design System

Our involvement extended to enhancing DataCamp's Design System. By providing collaboration guidelines and developing new components, we helped ensure a cohesive and consistent design language across all products. This system became the backbone for both current and future design initiatives.

Collaborating closely with engineers

A significant portion of our work involved close collaboration with DataCamp's engineering team. Ensuring that designs were implemented correctly was paramount. We focused on refining design operations, streamlining the process from concept to execution, and ensuring that every detail was realized as envisioned.

Seeking expert design leadership?

Our experience with DataCamp demonstrates the impact of expert design leadership in the world of SaaS. Whether you're developing complex data science tools or other SaaS products, the right design approach can make a world of difference.

Need a senior designer to lead your product’s design?

If you're looking for a senior designer to take charge of your product's design, our founder is here to help. Reach out to us and let's discuss how we can bring your vision to life with exceptional design expertise.

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