Rebranding for the future: Introducing the new Mbrella

Complete identity rebranding
Brand Identity

In a world where first impressions matter, Mbrella has taken a bold step forward with its rebrand, crafting a visual identity that speaks to both dynamic startups and established corporates in the SaaS industry. Our mission was clear: to create a brand that's distinctive, bold, and resonates with a sense of youthful energy without sacrificing professionalism.

A visual identity built to stand out

The new Mbrella logo is a cornerstone of this rebrand, featuring two distinctive shapes that symbolize the integration of versatility and innovation. The angled umbrella, reminiscent of a turning wheel, represents mobility and forward momentum, key attributes in the mobility management space. This unique and recognizable logomark is designed not only to catch the eye but also to make a lasting impression.

Cohesion and versatility in design

Our approach went beyond updating colors and fonts. We developed a visual system that uses elements of the logo to create distinctive compositions. These can be consistently reused across all collateral, ensuring that every piece of communication is clearly part of the Mbrella identity. This system not only enhances the brand's visual impact but also simplifies design processes, significantly reducing time costs and increasing efficiency.

Looking to refresh your brand?

Our rebranding efforts for Mbrella highlight the power of strategic design in corporate branding. Whether it’s refreshing a digital platform or redefining a company's visual identity, the clarity, distinction, and appeal of the brand are crucial.

Is your brand ready for a transformation?

Just like Mbrella, your brand might benefit from a fresh, distinctive identity that captures attention and conveys your company’s values. Interested in exploring what a strategic rebrand could do for your business? Reach out to discuss how our branding solutions can position you for success in your industry.

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